We will be posting pictures this evening and announcing the grand prize winner tomorrow at noon. There were several hula hoop winners and a few skilled young men winning the football pass game.  Somehow we ended up with more costumes than we started out with and now  have a lovely assortment of Halloween costumes. So now the Hallo-Green exchange will continue until Halloween or until further notice.  Please tell all of your friends –  if they want a cost effective way to outfit the kiddos for Halloween – drop in.

Daily Events for Hallo-Green.

Storytime with Super Stephanie.

Birthday Girl Molly and her friend Emily celebrated at the Water Park of America before stopping by to choose a birthday bed.  Molly’s  Mom liked the Dixie loft almost as much as the girls did.  You must admit that loft looks like it was made for the girls.

Skol Vikings and Big Happy Birthday Wishes to Molly!

It’s Hallo-Green – so… Who ya gonna call? The ghosts over the pirates bed were fair game today when armed with a popgun.

Charming soccer player, Ashley is sitting under the Summit Loft Bed. Her sweet little sister is seated in the picture below in a cozy snuggle chair.

Siting in front of  Elena’s Secret Loft is our cute secret guest. Please let us know if any names are not correct in this post, and to our secret guest, we apologize for not having your name.

We hope that you all will join October 23 for our next special event.