Teaching responsibility is a parents responsibility, right? At what age do we begin this challenge? And it is a challenge. By age two, there are little chores such as delivering their dishes from the table to the sink,  helping put some of their clothes in a dresser drawer or putting toys in a toy box. These are the easy years when little ones are eager to please and love mimicking big people tasks. Learning to dress themselves as soon as they are old enough will be a milestone. Then, the tough chore of teaching that clothes do not get dropped in a pile on the floor or used for making a trail through the house, but soiled clothes go in the hamper. Wishing you luck – lots of luck. More than luck, it’s dedication to your responsibility. Inevitably your two year old’s eagerness will wane and the fussing begins. We found working together as a parent child team with chore games or the responsibility chart is a huge help with motivation.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking it is just plain faster, easier and less frustrating to do the little tasks yourself, but DON’T fall for that temptation. This is the opportune time to teach the life important responsibility skills that will be harder and harder to teach when they have developed irresponsible behavior patterns.

Please let us know if you have winning tricks of the trade to pass on to other parents. Do your children have chores? What ages are they for the chores that they are doing?

Tin Can Pumpkins Martha Inspired. Recycle your cans and light up the night. Looks like another family friendly project for us to try. Can you tell we love this holiday?

These creatures are going to be a must make for us. Can’t wait for the how to lesson from Momfluential Media.

Candy Witches Brooms by make and takes claimed to make you cackle. I especially like the brooms with the foil removed. Must be the sight of chocolate. This clever treat even the youngest child could help make.