October 1st is Vegetarian Awareness Day and it continues all month.

Scare up some Vegetarian Halloween Food.

Monster Food –  Eyeball Caprese for brave of appetite.

Photo Credit: whitneymoss  for this edible Bony Maroney Skeleton. No meat on the bones here. Visually dissect the skeleton for a list of ingredients. Hint: hummus face.

Stuffed Roaches anyone?

Puking pumpkin…… What can I say?

If you’ve just gotta have your meat, disguise it in a Mummy Meatloaf and we won’t tell. Mum’s the word.

This is a little bit more advanced project, but Wow,  how fun would this be to surprise someone with the smashed wicked witches legs sticking out from under the bed?  Diary of a Crafty Lady will show you how.

Our work day ends as  Twins fan Devon throws on her jersey and heads off to the new stadium.  Lisa chooses to cross the  Mississippi  River to St. Paul for a Wild’s game.

Devon now reports on how she helped the Vikings win “we got out our Vikings blanket, and wore different outfits, and I painted my nails purple, which worked last year.” Do you know of others with these powers?


What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? Pumpkin pi.