We took the message to the world this morning, or the world that is actually awake and watching NBC television before 6A.M. For those of you who have been following this blog, know all to well that we have a passion for Green, so it just made sense to make Halloween less orange and much more GREEN.

On September 23,  Hallow-Green was our big kick off that super intern Jenna put together. The initial message was of course teaching our children the importance of environmental consciousness with a fun Halloween Costume Exchange. Our team was blown away when folks did not just exchange a Halloween costume, but donated them. There is now a rack loaded with cute, cute costumes for infant to size 6 or 7 – ready and waiting for you to come in a swap for a “new to you” costume.

There is a HUGE National Costume Swap Day Party at Totally Kids this Saturday, October 9th from 11AM – 4PM. including  Storytime with Stephanie, contests, prizes, treats, hot cider, fun and games. Enter the Give-Away drawing for a FREE “green” (kid powered) no fuel needed kid size car. The costume swap will continue up until October 25 when the balance of Halloween costumes will be donated to families affected by Autism.

Keep the GREEN going!

Before you visit us, check under your beds and back of closets for any gently used toys that the kiddos are no longer playing with or need. The toys for Autism collection is a GREEN project that is ongoing year long.

All parents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area! Totally Kids
is accepting all toy donations to benefit the locally headquartered group “Parents United Against Autism”. We’ll take the donated gently used toys to local families in need. Aside from helping our friends and neighbors, this is an excellent opportunity to clear out your closets a little and keep those unused toys from ending up on a landfill for the next 100 years. Please bring whatever you can.


While at Kare11, again, so very too early in the morning,  I met kitchen scientist, Liz Heinecket, who had a rather remarkable way of inflating Halloween balloons. Her blog is The Kitchen Pantry Scientist where it appears that she is always stiring up lots of science fun.


Scare up Some Halloween Food – No, I did not say throw up.