The National Costume Swap Day Party at Totally Kids, was mostly  fun and games, but also a another huge success for the costume collection.  It is positively unreal how it continues to multiply. Anyone still needing costumes for little ones, infant to size 6, be sure not to miss the costume swap which will continue daily until October 25. According to the National Costume Swap, “swapping half the costumes kids wear on Halloween would reduce the annual landfill waste by 6,250 tons, equal to the weight of 2500 mid-sized cars”. In addition, swapping reduces packaging, transportation, and manufacturing impacts too.

Twins Olivia, in brown and Isabella in pink, both enjoyed cookies and juice in the hands on pretend kitchen play area. Look at their matching sassy pink boots. Wonder what they will be for Halloween?

Party guests were entertained Nordstrom’s style with just the cutest piano player.


Halloween Food Ideas:

They’ll all smile when you serve up these Ghastly Grins.

Our Best Bites will show you how to make these Mummy Dogs –                                                but where are the Daddy Dogs?


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