Closing time, actually after closing time, the door was locked, lights turned off, sales team had all gone home, when Annie left her office to check out the loud banging sound coming from the front door. Even though it was after store hours, in the Nordstrom tradition, our GM, Annie, welcomed in the last guests of the day. Very nice of you Annie.

Standing outside were two men and a sweet little girl tapping and knocking on the front door. Eric, Jada’s dad was looking for beds and told us he had his eye on a race car bed, but there would be some jealousy issues bringing that bed home when it would not be for Jada. No new bed for that family on Sunday, but 6 year old Jana did go home ready for Halloween with a Policewoman costume.  Eric was surprised with his daughter’s selection telling us that she has always been a princess sort of a girl.

The Totally Kids team prides itself on exceptional customer service. So much can be learned from Nordstrom where they developed  management principles to achieving its #1 status for customer service in America, which are discussed in Robert Spector’s book, The Nordstrom Way (2005) :

  • Provide your customer with choices
  • Create an inviting place for your customers
  • Hire nice, motivated people
  • Empower employees to take ownership
  • Dump the rules (tear down barriers to customer service)
  • Commit 100% to customer service

Choices? Does Totally Kids ever provide customers with choices!  You’ll see when you visit If for some reason what you are dreaming of or searching for is not found,  there are knowledgeable personal shoppers and talented interior designers to assist you.

Inviting place? Stop in and you be the judge. Most adults comment over and over, “oh I wish that I had that when I was a child”.  Then, the kids, they have a real “kids in a toy store” experience, so good that many of them leave crying when their mean parents tell them it’s time to go home. Hot tip: do not leave the store without a trip to the restroom.

Nice? Our team could all be rated “Minnesota Nice” and motivated to help families have a pleasant experience on their visit to Totally Kids.

Ownership is brilliantly demonstrated with the ongoing efforts of Stephanie and Megan’s talent in displays and merchandising creating eye candy for all guests. Leaving the store with toys colorfully gift wrapped for Free puts a smile everyone’s face.

Commit 100% to customer service? Behind the scenes, during the week our customer care manager extraordinaire, Lisa works with factories, shipping companies and customers.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills maintains a very well oiled customer service machine.


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