Sorry Sarah Palin, Goldilicious thinks it’s her Tea Party now. Who is that petite blonde joining her at the pink top table, and what did she have to pay for what looks like a private event? Could that blonde be coming out of the woodwork with vice presidential hopes? (there are rumors that she is easy to dress and undress) Everyone is still betting on Pinkalicious, at the least she will most definitely find a place for her somewhere in her cabinet. Pink has lots of experience in or on (doll) cabinets.

Our sources claim to have overheard Goldilicious remarking that this china would be “just devine” for her in the white house. It is rather dainty, don’t you think? No question though that pretty pink china will get a big vote from Pinkalicious.


Goldilicious’es people could not decide whether to serve cupcakes on the trendy fluted cupcake stand or the classic tiered special occasion cake.


After considerable time sampling each of these options they went with the tiered cake which remained in the familiar pink, pink and more pink palette.


Campaign food in the form of Pinkalicious Cupcakes.