If it is difficult for you to look at these feet, think what it would feel like having barely any socks to cover your feet when you are out in the negative temperatures of a Minnesota winter? Remember, these feet come in all sizes.

According to Mary Turck in a TC Daily Planet article almost half of all the homeless people in Minnesota are children and young adults, and another 23% are women. That’s what the Wilder Foundation’s 2009 statewide survey of homeless Minnesotans found.

In 2009, volunteers counted 9,654 homeless children, youths and adults in Minnesota. That’s 25 percent more than three years ago – or six years ago – or nine years ago, It’s also less than the best estimate of homeless Minnesotans, which is 13,100.

We are only addressing the homeless feet, not where they sleep or eat. A simple gift of socks this season would be welcome to many adults and children faced with homelessness.

Please donate as many new socks as you can. Bring them to Totally Kids fun furniture and toys where they will then be distributed to area homeless shelters.

Wow, some folks began tucking gift cards in the socks for a special surprise. How thoughtful and sweet!

Rebecca recommends a small toy for kids or toothbrush and tooth paste fit perfectly inside the socks too.

Happy Holiday Feet!   ~~~> And 30% OFF ALL TOYS!


These are two craft projects that might be nice to donate to a homeless shelter.

Get knotty! You can
make a giant 36” x 48” quilt in just
a few hours! Knot the fringed squares together into a colorful pattern. It’s so easy. Then cuddle up! Kit comes with 48 9” squares of fleece in 6 bold colors! This kit is a perfect travel or rainy day activity.


Knot the perfect soft and fleecy hat and scarf! No sewing! No knitting! Just knotting! So easy! Includes 4 fleece scarf bands, 2 fleece hat pieces, lots of flowers and fringe, plastic needle and easy instructions. This kit is a perfect travel or snowy day activity.