After 17 inches of snow accumulated from yesterday’s blizzard, the Metrodome’s inflatable roof apparently could not bare the weight. (or could there have been a sharp object?) It ripped open and collapsed early this morning forcing the NFL to shift the GiantsVikings game to Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night. Thankfully the roof failure occurred early in the morning and not during a game.

Good News: Sun County Airlines, our local airline has added charter flights to Detroit tomorrow for die hard football fans. So let’s call it Pat Down for a Touchdown.


Time will tell whether or not Favre makes it on the field tomorrow night. It is hard to believe that an extra 30 hours will do the trick in healing his sprained sternoclavicular joint allowing him to play his 298th consecutive game.

If all of this increases your frustration level, the 40 inch high Viking’s Tackle Buddy bop bag is the perfect stress reliever not sold in a bottle. Sort of like Favre, you can’t keep him down. Sack after sack and Tackle Buddy is right back up ready for more. (unless meeting up with a sharp object – a Metrodome roof experience could occur)


Our child size NFL recliners complete with built in cup holders are sure to score points and smiles for your little one.


<~~~ NY GIANTS Recliner. Now you may ask, “Why is this recliner larger?” It is a GIANTS! (the dimensions are actually the same for both chairs)


Oh, No, Tiffinay Yang’s Snowmen are melting!

Minnesota made snowmen will not be melting anytime soon, but try making these melting Snowmen for edible entertainment.