This is a photo from of the University of Minnesnowda’s TCF Bank Stadium. Look closely at that photo, see all of that white stuff? Believe it or not  there are actually folks who relish the opportunity to sit in this stadium next Monday night for a Vikings Bears game in 7 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.888889 degrees Celsius weather.

The first outdoor home game for the Vikings in 29 years and miraculously waiting on the bench, benched, is a quarterback with more frozen tundra experience than any other that I can think of. That tundra surely looks frozen does it not? BTW – Yay, there should be more snow to snow during the game. So BYOS….(bring your own shovel)

Tick Tock, Can They Beat The Clock? There is a game Monday night and somehow that picture needs to be transformed to game ready? A stadium filled with snow 20 inches deep in spots plus an additional 3 to 5 inches of snow possible by tomorrow night. Now, who wants to help shovel more snow Annette? Seriously, they are going to be looking for volunteers! Can you believe it, volunteers? And then, after all that back breaking shoveling – game time – and no beer?

Tick tock you can build an educational clock, a project for the entire family.



After the frozen tundra and frozen tush, come home where you’ll be snug and cozy in your own football bed


Any eligible receivers on your team? Pass them a football bean bag.


The Decorated Cookie has a super easy to make with kids, nothing to cook snowman marshmallow peeking out of the jar gift ideal for friends, family, neighbors, teachers, or the postman–hot cocoa in a jar. Cute, cute, cute!