If you find that you are racing around too much this time of year you are not alone. But, but, but…… It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Do you buy that, or are you really frantically buying a pile of presents?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, a time to spend with family and friends and a time to celebrate all that is good and wonderful in our lives.

After you make it to December 25, try to remember that Christmas was not meant to be packed into a day according to the song. There are  “Twelve Days of Christmas” which are December 24-January 6. If you can believe that, sing along with the song and enjoy those bonus days after Christmas when the worst of the stress will be less.


This nostalgic 50’s styled child size retro race track themed table and chair set features hand stitched vinyl upholstery on the chairs and brushed metal legs on the table and chairs.


Can You See The Light?

Watch the retro 1950’s race cars of this hand-painted lamp  go round and round the base when you flip on the light. Know that racing round and round feeling all to well?




Ramp Racer

It’s an exciting game of speed for one or two players! Choose the police car or the taxi, then individually release the starting levers and watch the wooden cars race through colorful cityscapes and down the five brightly-colored, wooden ramps. Who will win the race?




Slow down no need to move so fast as you drive your vehicles around on this rug. Along with its bright colors and fun details this 100% nylon machine made rug is durable and very easy to clean and is a non-skid rug for additional safety.




No, you can’t get away from the race quite yet. Feature edible race cars at your table a racy idea from Just Jen.





There’s always room for Jello and the Food Librarian wows us with Christmas Broken Glass Jello. How does she do that?