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If you ever had the desire to build your own stadium now is the perfect time! Serious Eats has the blueprints and will take you through step by step in a DIY slide show and just in time for the Superbowl.

This is a view from the Packers End Zone.

Get your “home team” together and start building. Looks like a fun pre-game activity involving the kiddos.

Hey, thanks Betsy for finding and sharing this edible treat.


Little Packer fans grab the remote and start practicing for game day.  Just sit back relax getting in position for game day in your comfy recliner.

Go Pack!

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys has this way cool child size Green Bay Packers recliner complete with cup holder.

Shopping in Bangkok….

Tasteless Tuesday and this is tame compared to the other ones we found. (models unknown)

Add these to the list of items that we will not be stocking at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.



















What do you  think about this Hong Kong find. Not sure that we will be adding it to our stock, but comments are welcomed on this one.


Orange ya glad we did not tell you what it is?

Look what we found at the January 2011 Hong Kong Toy Fair


Just like the Flintstones, you can  have your very own pet dinosaur.

Introducing Pleo!

Pleo has unique innate personality traits such as obedience and courage. They begin life as a hatchling Camarasaurus, either male or female, and then go through infant and juvenile stages, interacting with their owner and the environment as they go through mood and health changes. Personalities and behaviors can be downloaded, and uploaded  to the dinosaur via its SD card slot.

Pleo can to see, hear, and feel its environment. He also has voice recognition to respond to a given name, motion sensing, awareness of the time of day, and even a temperature sensor that makes it shiver in a cold room.

Infrared sensors enable it to communicate with other Pleos. When two males meet, they’ll shout at each other, but a male and female will nuzzle.


How about a new age electronic Rubic’s style cube.

More to share from Hong Kong….

Meet Pee and Poo whom some may consider educational toys.  They may become popular in Asia, but we will not be adding these toys to our shelves at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. What do you think?

Tokyo Airport….

Diet Water!

The translation: All the flavor of regular water but only half the calories, for real.

The Espresso will be in a to go cup offered at the door upon leaving. We may run short on the puppies though.

Don’t get me wrong, we love kids, but oh what a day today!

There was a bumper crop of rambunctious kids that brought along their very loud outdoor voices, and shared them indoors with great skill as they ran, yes ran full speed in all directions through the store. We really do love kids, but today there was unusually high number of way out of control ones.

Something is wrong when parents of excited, but well mannered children, offer us their  sympathy as toys are stewn hither skither and bedding torn off beds by disruptive other people kids. You know, the kids with the well developed outdoor voices.

Every weekend we witness the vast range of parenting skills or void of.  How do teachers survive during the week with these children that seem to lack any boundaries or respectfulness training from their parental units.  To me, the pièce is a parent allowing their child to jump dangerously from top bunk bed to top bunk bed after reading signs on each ladder stating “for your child’s safety it is requested that children do not climb on the beds”.  Then, after a kindly reminder of the safety request, we are granted a disgusted glare at such an unreasonable request. What a day!

A 1930’s magazine advertisement for Kellogg’s PEP breakfast cereal.

Did I hear a gasp….?

No comments from this party on the ad. (biting my tongue)

Below is a classic 1930’s kitchen set just like one this peppy, hardworking housewife may have proudly used every night for serving a delicious hot dinner to her adoring husband. That is after a full day of the cooking, cleaning and dusting was completed. She looks so cute!

The times and rules may have changed, but the plans used from the 30′s  to 50’s to build these kitchy kitchen sets have been pulled out of the archives, and put back into production. So now you can have one in your home too.





Recipe Curio found this vintage cookbook that was published by Spry Vegetable Shortening. There is a Good Housekeeping Bureau seal dated 1935 on the back cover, most likely the date the cookbook was released. It contains lots of recipes for healthful deep frying, cakes, cookies, desserts and other yummy things you may never have dreamed of!