Ooops, not a chicken dinner, better yet   Winner of the Melrose Dollhouse.

Congratulations to Daesha Page!

Upscale Melrose home – move in condition!!!!

This completely furnished home
in the most chic, up to the minute color pallet of lime, hot pink and lavender,
could be yours just in time for the holidays. Three stories plus a usable attic
with flip open roof. This home boasts classic wood frame construction. Yes,
the 18 pieces of wooden furniture, some with fabric detail, are all included.
Perfectly sized for 12″ dolls, like Barbie. Assembly required. Thoughtful
child safe lead-free, non-toxic paint was used.


Congratulations to Angelique Humphrey of Albertville the winner of our December $500.00 Shopping Spree!

Next month it could be you!



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  3. Enter Contests That Have Fewer People Entering Them Naturally contests that have fewer people entering them will be easier to win, so always enter a lot of these types. They’re generally more obscure contests from less well known sites. Having said all of that, still try to enter every contest you find at least once.
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