The Espresso will be in a to go cup offered at the door upon leaving. We may run short on the puppies though.

Don’t get me wrong, we love kids, but oh what a day today!

There was a bumper crop of rambunctious kids that brought along their very loud outdoor voices, and shared them indoors with great skill as they ran, yes ran full speed in all directions through the store. We really do love kids, but today there was unusually high number of way out of control ones.

Something is wrong when parents of excited, but well mannered children, offer us their  sympathy as toys are stewn hither skither and bedding torn off beds by disruptive other people kids. You know, the kids with the well developed outdoor voices.

Every weekend we witness the vast range of parenting skills or void of.  How do teachers survive during the week with these children that seem to lack any boundaries or respectfulness training from their parental units.  To me, the pièce is a parent allowing their child to jump dangerously from top bunk bed to top bunk bed after reading signs on each ladder stating “for your child’s safety it is requested that children do not climb on the beds”.  Then, after a kindly reminder of the safety request, we are granted a disgusted glare at such an unreasonable request. What a day!