Even better than a chicken dinner!

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I love, love, love this Valentine’s idea and so will your friends when they get one.

♥1. Drink soda pop (strawberry flavor… yum) and remove sticky labels
♥2. Rinse bottles & air dry
♥3. Spray paint soda caddy & bottle caps to match
♥4. Once the paint is dry, simply wrap the ribbon around and glue onto caddy
Now the fun part…
♥5. Fill the bottles with CANDY and lots of it!
Mine has Valentine colored peanut butter M&M’s, strawberry Whoppers, cherry gummy hearts (generic brand,) Good&Plenty black licorice, Conversation hearts  & of course, Red Hots.
♥6. Simply tie off each bottle with the label.
Label and more detailed instructions from LollyJane the creator of this pack of goodies.