It’s sort of feeling like Groundhog’s Day with all the can’t haves we keep finding. Here is another colorful bed that is not available for the US market at this time. When it is, you’ll be the first to know. Stay tuned. It takes an odd size smaller mattress and we are hoping that it grows up a little into a twin size.


I was just thinking, we do have several beds available that have (faux) wheels. Take a look.















Even your preschooler can help with these tasty yet simple Valentine treats from Make and Take.

It includes less than five ingredients. All you’ll need is pretzels, chocolate to melt white chocolate and milk chocolate, wax paper, toothpicks, and sprinkles. Use food coloring in the white chocolate to get the pretty pink color.

That chocolate and pretzel combo is looking really good as we are tucked away for the night in our foodless hotel room. (Hong Kong room service would break the bank.)