We’re not crackn’ any eggs this weekend, saving that task, but with Easter just a week away, there are some other special projects on our list.

First off this Egg Shaped Lantern from the Chocolate Muffin Tree looks ideal brightening up a gloomy gray Minnesota Saturday.


Kick off an Easter candy high or if you have will power of steel, how about making pizza with left over candy? Left over candy, what’s that? French Knots has this sweet Easter Candy Pizza recipe for you.


For us, egg coloring will be next weekend when we really get crackn’.

This eco-eggs coloring kit is made from natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. It includes three natural dyes (orange, blue and purple), a color chart for creating 6 colors and instructions for coloring eggs. Packaged with creature cutouts for the cutest and healthiest Easter Eggs ever!

How do you like your eggs? Aren’t these cute? And so appetizing at the same time! Peep peep….