Wishing all of our friends near and far a very Happy May Day!

Well now, unfortunately, you can’t send last minute May Baskets by text, Gmail, Facebook or Tweets.

The old fashioned, right way of making a May Basket, is from your heart, crafting it all by yourself with your very own hands, and definitely not store bought.

As tradition dictates, after creating your basket filled with candy, treats and flowers, you must hand deliver the May Basket to your special friend by hanging it on the door knob,  knocking on your friend’s front door, and completing the caper by quickly running away without being noticed. Whew, mission accomplished.

If you find that it is May Day has arrived and you have no time for hand making a basket, here is a quick solution.

A trip to the Dollar Store, select a child’s summer purse, add a small flowering plant and Prest-O Change-O, you have a clever May Day basket idea from Skip To My Lou .

With Mother’s Day a week away, do you see a Deja Vu happening here?