Top 5 Things to Do for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

(Besides Flowers)

1. Write  a Poem/Letter Especially For Her– If you’ve got some writing ability, this is a fantastic way to make her cry in a good way. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her and prepare the tissues.

2. Surprise Her With a Visit – Assuming most of us don’t live with our moms anymore, showing up unannounced and unexpected can be a great day-maker.

3. Cook Her Favorite Meal – It may be one of her favorite recipes, but the thought and preparation that you put into it will mean so much to her. There’s no greater gift than one that requires some real thought.

4. Send Her To The Spa– A day long trip to the spa, maybe even with you is something for her to put on the calendar whenever she chooses. She’ll look forward to that day for a very long time.

5. Hire House Cleaners – Send them in for a one-time top-to-bottom deep cleaning, or for a once a month once-over.  Either way, having a sparkling clean house while she sits back on the sidelines is a true joy for any Mom.

Help us lengthen the list of ideas? Send us your favorite no flowers ideas that would be a big hit with Moms, we will gladly give you credit for your ideas.