All Aboard?

Any little person that you know go loco for locomotives? Do the names Thomas, Percy, or Topham hold a special meaning in your household? How about The Little Engine That Could?

Today is the 4th Annual National Train Day, a coast-to-coast celebration of America’s love of trains and the 40th anniversary of Amtrak service in the U.S.


Totally Kids fun furniture & toys invites all young engineers to stop by today and help us celebrate Amtrak’s  birthday. There will be fun contests, prizes, juice and cookies.

Best of all, today or any day, practice your engineering skills with our classic wooden train sets.

Guide colorful engines, coal cars, freight cars, and caboose around great lengths of curves & straight track, whizzing by workers, trees and traffic signs. They steer engines in to fill the expansive roundhouse engine shed. Concentrating intently, they lift and carry railroad cars and freight with magnetic tipped cranes.


Test you train terms skill with this printout from Amtrak: