The Royals have worms?

What ever was Prince Harry doing with a Wiggly Worm in his pocket during the Royal Wedding?

Did he gallantly share his favorite neon pink worm or does he carry a supply of Wiggly Worms?

Speaking at a recent event in Calne, Wilshire, Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, told the Daily Mail: ‘Did you see the wiggly worm? That was the funniest thing. I can’t believe no one has spotted it.

‘I was so worried about Eliza (her granddaughter). She is such a lovely little thing and looked so gorgeous in her dress but it was a very big occasion for a child of her age.

The official royal wedding portrait featuring the wiggly worm (front left) (Pic: Getty)

‘Harry pulled this wiggly worm out of his pocket in the carriage to keep them amused. Eliza loved it so much that she wouldn’t let go and it even made the official photographs. Can you believe it? She was holding onto my finger but in her other hand was this worm.

“I was so proud of her, she looked adorable in her dress and couldn’t stop twirling around in it. It was such a lovely, lovely day.”

Keen-eyed picture editors have since enlarged one of the portraits from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding on Friday featuring the wedding party with Eliza clinging on to her wiggly worm.

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