It’s National Dance Like a Chicken Day!

We’re not having a wedding, but an all day “Chicken Dance” and you are invited to stop by and shake your tail feathers with us today.

We even have chicken dance musical skirts for little chicks to pop on and take a lesson.

Swiss accordion player Werner Thomas wrote Der Ententanz or the Duck Dance, in the 1950s.   When he played the song at a restaurant in Switzerland, people would get up and dance to the melody and  their movements reminded him of ducks and chickens.

Then a music publisher happened to stop by the restaurant and the song spread through Europe.  While it took quite a while to catch on in America, and definitely here in Minnesota, the upbeat melody is a familar tune at weddings. Best of all, it gets even the klutziest wallflower out on the dance floor, because it makes everyone look equally silly.

Although the name of the tune changed a few times, the happy melody has remained.

Musical Chicken Dance Training Skirts are available today and everyday at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. The infamous “party” favorite polka song is sure to have all your little chicks dancing and smiling. The Musical Chicken Dance Skirt is three layers and lined with itch free satin. Yellow and hot pink marabou trim the bottom skirt edge. Fits ages three to six. Includes new adjustable waistband.