Minnesota fishing opener is this weekend.  For many families this is a highly anticipated event, finding it an opportune time to unplug the PlayStations and head out to area lakes.

The bonding rewards are endless and it takes so little effort.

Put on your lucky fishing hat and let’s get going. You can get a cute fishy hat like this handmade one from knitschmidt.

The secret to making a fishing trip with your child a success is to plan the entire trip around your child’s interest level. Kids need to experience “catching” and if they get hooked on that you may have a fishing buddy for life.

Some tips to consider:

  • Dress for the weather. (Hello Minnesota, the ice may be off most of our lakes, but we have not completely said good bye to winter)
  • Begin by fishing for pan fish. Success is more important than species.
  • Plan a short fishing trip rather than a day long event for an introduction.
  • Pack a kid favorite fun lunch. Don’t forget the Gummy Worms.
  • For younger children take time to collect sticks and stones to toss into the water. Older children can practice their rock skipping skills.
  • The simpler the tackle the better.
  • Bobbers will mark the spot of where the bait is and provides an excellent visual.
  • Focus on praise of participation rather than catching.
  • Be ready to quit when your child gives the signals.
  • This is also an ideal time to talk about conservation, catch and release.
  • Be sure to take lots pictures and enjoy the memories for years to come.

Rub a Dub Dub – Learn to Fish in the Tub!

How about year round tub time fishing practice? Put a pole in their hands at an early age with Tub Time Fishing.


These lures are the real deal, not kids play.

Luregasmic crafts these original, functional fishing lures made with recycled guitar picks, glass beads and dressed off with colorful silicone skirting and a very sharp steel treble hook. Made in colors that attract attention and a novelty guitar pick that says something a little different to a favorite fisherman or fisherlady and most importantly a kid who deserves to be introduced to fishing.


If you have photos of your  kids fishing or proudly displaying  their catches which you would like to see published here, please submit them. We will gladly give you credit for your contribution.