We now have QR Codes thanks to Chelsie one of our tech savvy interior designers. It will be interesting to see how many folks even know what they are.  We plan using them to share a great deal of information here at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.

So you ask, what are those strange patterned square boxes and what do they do?

They are QR codes (Quick Response) and they have actually been around for quite some time. First created in 1994 by a Japanese subsidiary of Toyota as a two dimensional barcode system used for tracking parts during the manufacturing process.

After a few years of popularity in several Asian countries, they began to gain traction in the US primarily as a marketing tool.

Currently, the primary focus of QR codes is to entice smart phone users to scan them as a way of connecting to a particular web address.

In order to read QR codes your smartphone or camera phone must have a barcode reader. All major smartphone platforms with cameras can download readers.

You can get a free QR reader from Kaywa.


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