Simple Kids have a recipe for fun that works well on a grassy lawn, outside on the steps, under the  shade of a tree, and even in the kitchen.

Give it a try for a bubbly fun afternoon.

Simple Kids Homemade Bubble Solution

1. Gather small and large plastic or steel funnels, drinking straws, rubber bands ( thick and thin)

2. Mix together in a bowl or metal baking pan:

1 cup warm water

½ cup dishwashing soap

1 teaspoon light corn syrup (optional)

3. Combine ingredients in a bowl, or metal baking pan and stir well.

To begin, dip the open end of the funnel, paper cone, or drinking straw into the soapy solution and blow lightly through the non-soapy end. The corn syrup helps to create a sturdy BIG bubble.

Once the kids have mastered the art of bubble blowing have a contest to see who can make the largest bubble.

Positively Splendid makes bubble wands from pipe cleaners. They have a hint: no matter the shape of the wand the bubbles will always be round.