It is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Is your pooch helping you at work today?

Our Shop Dog, Higgins comes to work every day. Last August Sidewalk Dog featured Higgins.

Here is the article:

We at Sidewalk Dog have a soft spot for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels like Luc, the original Sidewalk Dog who passed away this spring. So when Annie Seberson of Totally Kids fun furniure & toys in Bloomington e-mailed us about her shop dog, a Cav named Higgins, our hearts naturally melted. The more we learned about Higgins (is that a great name or what? We wish she had a doggie-sized tweed jacket, monocle and pipe to go with it … ), the more we loved her. Here’s what we learned about the little Cav who graces what her mom calls “the largest children’s furniture and toy store on the planet.”

Sidewalk Dog: Can you give us some background on your store?

Annie Seberson: Kay (my mother) is an interior designer specializing in children’s rooms and decided that opening a retail store would showcase fun and interesting products making them available to many more people. We are a woman-owned, mother/daughter team. We love what we do and have been serving the Minneapolis area since 1983.

SD: Tell us about Higgins. How did she come into your life?

AS: Higgins is a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is 2 ½ years old. In 2008, my mother and I were having coffee at Starbucks and saw two Cavaliers cuddling with their owner on a bench on the sidewalk. We had never seen that breed before and were so impressed with their markings and disposition; we just had to get one. Higgins loves hiking and cuddling with anybody, anywhere, anytime. She especially loves a tummy rub.

SD: How long has Totally Kids had a shop dog?

AS: We have had a shop dog for nine years. Before Higgins, there was Cinder. Cinder was a mild-mannered, people-loving golden retriever belonging to an employee, Bob. Bob brought Cinder to work everyday for seven years. Cinder is now in doggy heaven.

SD: Do you let other dogs in your shop?

AS: Dogs are always welcome; we have doggie treats and a water bowl. Higgins likes to share.

SD: How does Higgins react to the customers? How do the customers react to her?

AS: Higgins loves everyone. Many of our customers are children and they are always excited to see Higgins.  Our staff are all enthusiastic dog lovers with pictures of their pups on their computers as screen-savers and pinned to the walls in the office. Higgins is the inspiration behind a Halloween costume party for dogs called “Wag-o-ween” that we host in October.

SD: What do you like about having a shop dog? Are there any frustrating moments?

AS: There has not been one frustrating moment with having a shop dog. I think everyone needs a shop dog. They bring joy, entertainment, and warmth to the work environment.

SD: Do you think having a shop dog draws people to patronize your store?

AS: Yes, I think people like being greeted by a friendly, fluffy, tail-wagging little dog.