In the last 3 years the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has recalled 11 million Drop-Side cribs due to entrapment, suffocation and fall risks. They make the claim that these cribs have been responsible for infant 32 deaths, ‘almost all of which resulted when a baby’s head or neck became entrapped after a malfunction of the drop-side crib mechanism’.

On June 28, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will put new crib safety regulations into effect that not only prohibit the manufacture or sale—including resale—of traditional drop side cribs, but impose stricter guidelines for crib manufacturers.

These new standards,  will require that all cribs have fixed sides, and also require the slats to be made stronger to prevent breakage.  Safety testing will be even more stringent in proving compliance. Crib manufacturers will have to meet these new standards or face possible mandatory recalls and civil penalties.

These new mandatory standards, now gives the U. S. the most stringent crib standards in the world.   After years of advocating by many consumer groups these standards were approved in December 2010 and today, June 28, 2011 they are in effect.

It is also recommended that when in their cribs babies sleep on their back and that the crib is free of toys, bumpers, pillows or extra blankets.

This also applies to cribs used by hotels and childcare centers, although those organizations have been given an extension and won’t have to replace their cribs until December 28, 2012.


What to do with used non complying cribs? Here is a statement from Freecycle one of our favorite ways of donating unwanted items.

Yes, we are aware that not ALL cribs are illegal to sell. This new regulation refers to the “drop-side” cribs. We’re not asking you to dispose of cribs deemed “legal.” However, Freecycle will not be held responsible for ANY crib being posted, as we are not willing or able to go out and “police” anyone who’s trying to offer a crib on Freecycle, inspecting it to see if it’s the “drop-down” type or not. Therefore, our policy is simply NO CRIB POSTINGS.

Please do not bombard the moderator team with your opinions on whether we should allow the posting of cribs, or how our ADMIN was worded, etc. We are simply protecting our site from any possible legal issues, for both your benefit and ours.

Thank you.

Freecycle Moderator Team

The crib pictured at the top left side of the page is from the 1940’s. Can you spot the safety violations>?