Tonight, as attendees of the Las Vegas Furniture Market, we were invited to  “A Conversation with Bill Clinton”, a keynote speech by President Bill Clinton focusing on the challenge of globalization, emphasizing our growth, interdependence and pointing the way toward a common future based on shared goals and values.

Home Accents Today helped us sum it up: In the wide-ranging speech, Clinton touched on some of the global issues affecting the world economy and offered some insights on the recent political uproar over the debt ceiling.

He began by saying “The world we live in has three huge problems”.  “It’s highly unstable, it’s too unequal and it isn’t sustainable.” He also said the growing wealth inequality is holding the entire world back from growth right now. “This inequality prevents us from creating a world where the free-trade rules have any chance of working” and that “There’s too much inequality to build a broad-based, consumer-driven economy.” He then referred to the current political state in the United States as “the social equivalent of chaos theory.” President Clinton said throughout history, countries that last and succeed tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. “They get too interested in preserving their position,” he said. “As a result, the political system develops a heavy bias toward preserving gains rather than investing in the future. We have to put America back in the future business.”

After the speech President Clinton answered pre-submitted questions from attendees of the furniture market.

You know, what America really needs is a King! It is Las Vegas, how about a little King?