You say it’s your birthday…..
It’s my birthday too (Bill Clinton)–yeah.
They say it’s your birthday…….
We’re gonna have a good time……
I’m glad it’s your birthday

We surprised our senior interior designer Angela with a cold chocolatey Dairy Queen cake.

Call or come in to help us wish Angela a happy birthday and take 15% OFF your entire order.* Now through August 21st.

Your little ones can celebrate birthdays or un-birthdays everyday with this no melt cake.

Birthday Ice Cream Tip:

Pre-scoop ice cream balls into muffin cups and you will have perfect balls to serve with your birthday cake.

What’s a birthday party without a good game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

You can pass this  birthday tradition along to your kiddos with this classic birthday game. It includes with an 18″ x 24″ donkey poster, 32 removable and reusable “tail” stickers and an authentic Bandanna blindfold.  Beautifully illustrated by Holly Berry, and is so well made game can be used over and over again. For all ages.



*not valid on prior purchases, gift cards or combinable with other offers