How easy is this? Just add a little food coloring plus a paint brush and let the bath time fun begin! The palette is simply a muffin tin and Having Fun at Home who offers this great idea uses an old basting brush for application.


Every little boy will enjoy this pretend grown up activity of Shaving in the Tub – Rub a Dub Dub for even more fun in the tub.

Bath Time Tips

Rotate toddler bath toys: like the bedroom, rotating toys works a treat in keeping kids enjoying their toys. They don’t need the bath that full of toys anyway. Divide them into three or four piles, put in a bag that allows the toys to drain of water and dry and hang up in a cupboard. Swap the bags over once a week and see how much more they play with them.

Overcome the Fear of Water: The bath is a good place to develop good water skills with children and get rid of an illogical fear of water. Play gentle splash games and make up songs with actions that involve pouring water over the face and head of the children.

Also add in sections where the children voluntarily put their heads under the water to blow bubbles. Do this from the start and your children will not grow up with a fear of water. If your child has had a bad fright with water this is a good place to go back to again and build up to deeper water and activities.

A Bath Time Theme:

Fishing – catch objects with a flour sieve Ice-age – pre make colored ice cubes and watch them melt or play around them (good one for summer)

Clean Up Pick Up: Make it a part of the routine that children pull up the plug and put their toys away.  When they are very young you can help guide their hand into the bag or bucket you put the toys in. Start a good habit at a young age.