Looks like a little more than a five o’clock shadow on this young lad. Your little man can have one too if you contact By Laura Design.

Draw the bath for clean shaven peach fuzz fun with the Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub..

Here are some Bath Time Tips for toddlers.

And gentlemen, if you care not to remove that facial hair, but accelerate its growth, here are tips from eHow:

Tips for Hair Growth – Bring on the Beard

  1. A natural way to help grow a beard faster is to apply eucalyptus oil to your beard growth.
  2. Take a daily supplement of biotin. The recommended dosage is 2.5 mg a day.
  3. Shampoo and condition your growing beard.
  4. Eat plenty of green vegetables and make sure you get enough protein.
  5. Drink plenty of water.