We know that we’re rushing the season a bit here, but there were flakes (snow) spotted in northern Minnesota two nights ago. Plus, really that white stuff is not too far off for us in the Twin Cities.

No matter the season, Under the Table and Dreaming will show you how to make these bath tub ready soap snowballs. Don’t they look like some good clean fun?


This ball’s an all time fave Recipe for Fun at Totally Kids! Make no batteries needed “green” ice cream with people power.

You’ll have a ball tossing the ball around and end up with delicious old fashioned homemade ice cream. Try one, it is a super party  ice breaker for kids and adults.

We’ll ask Troop Leader, Bobbi Jo, one of our interior designers, to share an Ice Cream Maker with her Girl Scout troop and hopefully  we’ll get a report back.

Speaking of Bobbi Jo, we should remind everyone that Totally Kids fun furniture & toys has staff interior designers ready to assist you  with (complementary) space planning and exciting decorating ideas.