Bye bye baby crib, hello handsome new desk. Here is another super idea for re-purposing  a now whatcha gonna do with it defunct drop side crib.

If you recall, on June 28, the Consumer Product Safety Commission  put new crib safety regulations into effect that not only prohibit the manufacture or sale—including resale—of traditional drop side cribs, but impose stricter guidelines for crib manufacturers.

With this ruling, both Craigslist and Freecycle have banned ads for dropside cribs.

These new standards,  will require that all cribs have fixed sides, and also require the slats to be made stronger to prevent breakage.  Safety testing will be even more stringent in proving compliance. Crib manufacturers will have to meet these new standards or face possible mandatory recalls and civil penalties.

These new mandatory standards, now gives the U. S. the most stringent crib standards in the world.   After years of advocating by many consumer groups these standards were approved in December 2010 and as of June 28, 2011 they are in effect.

This also applies to cribs used by hotels and childcare centers, although those organizations have been given an extension and won’t have to replace their cribs until December 28, 2012.

The drop side of a crib could become a magazine rack.













The milestone of moving from crib into a Big Boy or Big Girl Bed is so much easier when you know  it is a safe and secure choice.

But, did you know that there is also a super safe bed system that will take your child from first big bed to college loft?

Caleb’s First Big Bed has a full length safety rail all across the back and a removable 3/4 safety rail on the front of the bed making it a favorite for moms.

When Caleb is older, there are leg extenders to raise the bed up to a midhigh loft and then even higher legs making it college loft bed. There are also other color choices of crisp white, or chestnut finish available. If you want to add colorful  curtains, tents and slides, those are options as well.

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys has staff interior designers available for complimentary space planning. They can assist in helping you plan ahead with this add as you grow furniture that grows in stages along with your child.

Bye, bye baby crib.