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Remember that feeling when you buy a new Goldfish? Carrying your Goldfish home in the clear plastic bag, placing it carefully next to you on the seat of the car? Now you can try to get that same feeling when you carry your garbage out to the curb with these Goldfish garbage bags. Oh yay, you say? Well if you live in the UK you may. These Happy Sacks are available for purchase in London. We just might order some of them very soon so they could arrive in time for April Fools Day in the US. Smells a Little Fishy to you too? What do you think?

Did you know that many Goldfish, if properly cared for, can live up to 40 years?

  1. The oldest ever recorded Goldfish was 49 years old.
  2. Goldfish have a memory that lasts up to 3 months.
  3. Goldfish don’t have a stomach.
  4. If a goldfish is left in the dark it will turn almost white.
  5. “Jaws” is the most common name given to pet Goldfish by their owners.
  6. Goldfish can recognize different human voices.
  7. Goldfish can recognize different human faces.
  8. Goldfish sleep with their eyes open, usually at the bottom of the tank.
  9. Goldfish have been pets for thousands of years, originating in ancient China.

Paint up some Rainbow Toast with the Kiddos this weekend, a super Recipe for Fun from Share and Remember.

We used flavored  Jello in favorite colors and a small amount of milk for our paint. Turning a blind eye to the nutritional value, white bread seems to be the ideal canvas for this art project. Any little paint brushes will do…then turn your budding artists free and let them paint away.

After the paint has been applied, pop the bread into the toaster or oven to turn the bread into Rainbow Toast.

Today is  National Bird Day 2012! The study of birds has been a fashionable pastime ever since the Victorian Era, and the term “bird watching” first appeared as the title of a book in 1901. According to a 2009 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey, today, one in every five Americans is a birdwatcher. This is defined as anyone who has traveled for the primary purpose of observing birds or has closely observed and identified birds around the home.

Since the late 19th century, bird protection has become an increasingly important issue. Birds are among the most popular animals in the exotic pet trade, and most birds in captive breeding programs are kept there solely for commercial gain.

In an attempt to put an end to bird captivity, every year Born Free USA, the Animal Protection Institute, and the Avian Welfare Coalition team up in support of National Bird Day. Today, bird enthusiasts and activists around the United States are asked to take action on behalf of captive birds. Learn more about National Bird Day and what you can do to help!

In much of North America, winter can be a difficult time for birds. The days are short, and nights are often cold and long. The natural food supply has been consumed or is hidden by snow. Most insects are dead or dormant. Water can be hard to find, and food needed to provide the energy to keep birds warm might be scarce.

Befriend your neighborhood birds! 

Cook up a little food for your feathered friends –  Eighteen 25 has easy instructions for creating the seeded bird feeders shown above.

What You Will Need

  • 3/4 cup birdseed
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 small envelope of Knox Gelatine
  • twine or string
  • cookie cutters, molds or mason jar lids
  • wax paper


  • mix together the envelope of gelatine with 1/4 cup of water and bring to a simmer while stirring. continue stirring until the gelatine is dissolved.
  • remove from heat and let cool for a minute.
  • stir in the 3/4 cup birdseed. adding a little more if there is liquid still in the bottom of the pan.
  • lay your cookie cutters out on wax paper and fill half way with the birdseed mixture.
  • cut your twine, knot the end and push the knot down into your birdseed.
  • continue filling with birdseed, covering the end of your twine and knot.
  • push the birdseed evenly into the cookie cutter until it’s full.

A Tisket, a Tasket, store toys in a  wire basket.

We found some of these unused garden planters in the garage at home. Our design team will be painting them in bright colors, then they will be hung on the wall under a bunk bed in the showroom. We’ll share pics once the project is completed.

This idea and many other great ones can be found at DIY Home Sweet Home.