Out of the crib and into a BIG boy or BIG girl bed is a milestone in any child’s life. Mark it with a bed that will grow with your child. Caleb’s first BIG bed starts out as a low twin bed with guardrails. Notice how the space under the bed is utilized for storage.


Then when he is old enough there are extender legs and a fun slide, tent and curtains that will turn it into his dream fort bed.

Girls will not be left out. There is a pretty pink or purple version for girls.


Middle school bound and look how his bed morphs. Now he adds the student desk that rolls out and then tucks right under the bed. For space saving storage there is a dresser and bookcase.


Caleb’s cousin West Lingo has taken the same bed and made it ready for his college years that are not too far off. Notice the enormous study space on the full length desk top for his computer and text books.

This add as you grow system is available in a chestnut or white finish. The headboards are available in a closed end or slatted end style.


For plant starters! Andrea Dozier has inspiration for an earth friendly gift presentation using egg shells for starters!

Happy New Beginnings – Happy Spring!