As  famous silhouette artist, Erik Johnson, performed his scissors magic, we all had a jolly good time at the Totally Kids Portrait Party. Here are a few party pictures from Saturday afternoon last. For all of you not able to attend, there will be a repeat performance again sometime this fall. Date to be announced.

These two adorable young ladies look pleased with their silhouette portraits.

Mr. Johnson is studying his subject. You would think that he his cutting a father daughter portrait, wouldn’t you?  It’s actually two year old Georgie getting her first silhouette portrait. Nora will no doubt be pleased when she returns from her holiday and receives framed silhouettes of her two precious little girls. Nice job Mac with your daddy and daughters time at Totally Kids!

This young lad is sitting so seriously still as his silhouette is cut. By the way it takes only five minutes or less of patience per child.

Thank you Erik Johnson for bringing your talent to Totally Kids and sharing it with all of our friends. We look forward to your return in the Fall. Be well!


How about putting some silhouette Easter Eggs in your basket ? Test your talent with instructions from Lepapier Studios.