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Like we haven’t had enough with the eggs already. Just couldn’t pass up this LAST great egg idea of what to do with your leftover plastic eggs.

How She Does It  has DIY instructions for these cute musical egg shakers. Some may still be hidden around your house, but you have the eggs! Now all you need rice and dried beans to go inside the eggs. Embellishment like foam bunnies, ribbons and buttons for the outside. A glue gun and super glue to seal the deal.

Now tell us please, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Almost every day kids come into our store and fall in love with the car beds. There’s even a fair number of Dads inquiring if the car beds are available in queen size. Yes, they must be planning a good surprise for the Mrs. with that dream. What would your kids think if they saw this house built like a car? Another question, what would you think if a house like this one was built in your neighborhood next door to you?

Looks like this number has all the basics on the exterior; 4 wheels, bumpers, head lamps, nice rims, even a sun roof. Plus unbelievably incredible gas mileage.

Curious about what the interior has to offer? Take a spin over to fresh home and test drive a look inside for yourself.


Ever popular with girls in the new to driving/sleeping in a BIG bed set is the snazzy pink car bed. This model requires a standard crib mattress which could be a rather handy cost savings if no one else is taking over her crib she left behind.


Shauna will soon be adding a really cool pink twin size race car bed to our line up. It will resemble  the sleek  twin size back Formula 8 , but in a pretty pink color.


By day try Automoblox play with an award winning C9P super charged wooden sports car.


The Blue Basket knows what to do with your cars crazed kids. She has a DIY tutorial for a Back Rub shirt that would make a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift.

Oliver got his first haircut just last week. It took him two years to grow his hair. This week’s Science Saturday project is from Britain’s Maggy Woodley and her fabulous  Red Ted Art’s Blog.  Learn how in only two weeks it’s haircut time for the grass heads, Bill & Ben Flowerpot Men. What a fun Springtime lesson in seed growing. Thank you Maggy!

It has not been easy finding folks to share their EZ fun cook together with kids Passover recipes. If anyone has suggestions, we would like very much to post them here.

Last year we discovered a Martha Stewart TV episode from 2008 featuring a Matzo House topped with a dried fruit roof and chocolate emelishments. ( much like a gingerbread house).  We thought this could be a fun building project for the family.

This year there is a excellent DIY pictorial from Lil Sugar on constructing a house of matzo. Take a look a let us know what you think. It should be an ideal Recipe for Fun  do together with the kids. You can find parve chocolate at Paskesz Baking Products.

Passover history for children.

Passover or “Pesakh”begins at sunset today. It is an eight day celebration observed each year by the Jewish religion. It commemorates the freeing of the Israelites (biblical name for the Jews) from slavery after centuries of poverty and oppression under the reign of the cruel Egyptian, Pharaoh Ramses II.

Families celebrate Passover by having a Seder. With special foods, songs, and customs, the Seder is the focal point of the Passover celebration. Seder means order, and the passover story is read in order from a book called a Haggadah.

This wooden child size Passover teaching set includes a Seder plate, goblet, two pieces of matza, bottle of wine, prayer book Afikomen and matza covers.

Although there are a number of food-related traditions that are observed during Passover, perhaps the most important part of the celebration is the ritual retelling of the Exodus story. In the Torah’s Book of Exodus, Jews are exhorted to tell their progeny about the enslavement and escape of the ancient Israelites. The act of recounting this story in a ceremony known as Magid forms a key component of the Seder feast, and it is told from a special text known as the Haggadah. The ceremony is meant to be interactive and inclusive, with questions and answers, special blessings, discussions, and songs. The story is usually told in both Hebrew and the native language of the majority of the guests attending the feast, according to tradition.

Apples 4 the Teacher explains Passover:

Fearing that Jews were becoming too strong, a Pharaoh decreed that all male Jewish babies were to be killed. Jocheved and Amran, a Jewish couple, wanted to save their infant son – so they put him in a basket that floated him down the river. The infant was rescued by the Pharaoh’s daughter and she raised him as her own son. She named the baby Moses, which means ” take from the water.”

When Moses grew up, he empathized with the Jewish slaves and tried to get the Pharaoh to free them. The Pharaoh refused – so there were 10 plagues sent down to Egypt: Blood, Frogs, Lice, Beasts, Cattle Disease, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, and Slaying of the Firstborn. The name Passover comes from the Plague of Slaying the Firstborn. The Angel of Death passed over the homes of the Jews who had put lambs blood on their doors.

After the 10th plague, Pharaoh agreed to let the Jewish slaves go. They gathered up their belongings quickly, and didn’t have time for their bread to rise, so they had to bake it and take it the way it was. This is why the Jewish people eat matzah during Passover.

As the Jews were fleeing, Pharaoh changed his mind, and sent his army after the people to bring them back. Moses parted the Red Sea for the Jews to cross, and as soon as they were safely to the other side, the waters closed on the soldiers, drowning them all. The Jewish people were free.

Happy Passover to all of our Jewish friends near and far!

We all know where Santa lives; at the NorthPole of course.

But who knows where the Easter Bunny lives?

Wikipedia states that the Easter Bunny or Easter Rabbit (aka Spring Bunny) “is a character depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs who sometimes is depicted with clothes. In legend, the creature brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy and sometimes also toys to the homes of children, and as such shows similarities to Father Christmas, as they both bring gifts to children on the night before their respective holiday

There is no mention of where the Easter Bunny lives, however, some believe that the Easter Bunny lives in a very deep hole in the ground somewhere on Easter Island? Or possibly  in April Valley, Spring Valley or Egg Land. (like Eggland’s Best?)

If any of you know or have a good hunch, please let us know where the Easter Bunny lives.


NORAD tracks Santa but can not track the Easter Bunny because the Easter Bunny does not fly. He just hops around the world, right? Once again, like last year,  there is the iPhone 3D Easter Bunny Tracker app. This year you can track the Easter Bunny with The Bunny Tracker. You could also try the First Annual 2012 Easter Bunny Tracking   from the MidMoWeatherCam.


We have asked our Facebook friends for non candy ideas for filling Easter baskets. Cast your vote on who has the best ideas and Desirae will award winners with $10.00 Totally Kids fun furniture & toys Gift Cards. Here are a few suggestions:

Amy Thomason The Easter Bunny is bringing my son an Art basket this year. Including: Playdoh, Finger Paints, Water Colors, Chalk, Crayons, Paper, etc.

Beth Anne Mowrey Ducks! We got our son 5 ducklings!

Danielle Williams how about nano bugs 🙂 or stuffed lambs (one of my faves to add)

Adrienne Camm i do little make up sets for the girls and little match box cars for the boys.

Jeannine Drenchek-Scavo I do craft items for my 5yr old who loves doing them. Glue stick, pom pom’s, glitter, foam stickers.For my 2yr old I am doing a toy wagon so she can pull her monkey’s around and homemade bedding set for them (she has a bunch of little stuffed monkey’s she loves)

Nicole Sather I got my kids each a Scentsy buddy and i got my son some cars and my daughter some bows.

Amanda Bolin For my older daughter, I put squinkies in some of her eggs. My younger daughter is getting a LaLaloopsy in one of her eggs 🙂 Other ideas…chalk, bubbles, mini nail polishes, matchbox cars, mini PEEP stuffed animals, scented markers, magnetic letters for the fridge, new sippy cup…

Tanya Betts I bought my kids cute cleaning tools (hand broom and dustpans, scruby things for dishes) because they love to help me clean!

Brooke Greene I take pastry bags and fill them with goldfish crackers! Then in the top I tie them with green “grass”! Makes little carrots!! I also take candy making tins, and fill them them melted crayons to make egg crayons!

Jessica ‘Jay’ Feuerstein Outdoor doors… Kites, chalk, bubbles……

Sarah Moley Martin I got my son a bunny rabbit shaped light and a egg shaped cushion for easter as he cannot have candy.

Shawna Birchmeier I shopped Steve Spangler for some inexpensive science ideas like super snow, and water beads. Also Legos, kite, sidewalk chalk, and a new snuggy (blankie.

Rena Hyde Little gardening set for the kids to help mom (or dad) outside in the garden, kite, pool toys, frisbee, baseball glove, little golf set, anything outdoors!

Angela Hickman My daughters basket will have a DVD, eggs with stickers inside, a stuffed animal and a some fun coloring pages and crayons.

Chery Halliwell New DVD, bath toys, new spring theme shorties pjs.

Here is one of last year’s no candy Easter dinner favorites!

Roasted Carrots with Shallots & Thyme

Ingredients needed for 4 servings:

  • 2 pounds small- to medium-size carrots
  • 1 cup sliced shallots
  • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme
  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt and ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 425° F. Place rack in center of oven.

Peel carrots if desired and trim green top, leaving about 1/2–inch. Cut larger carrots in half lengthwise and place in a rimmed baking sheet. Add shallots and thyme; drizzle with oil and stir to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

Roast for about 30 to 35 minutes or until tender and lightly browned. Season with additional salt and pepper, if desired.

Remember before you start cooking – leave an extra bunch out for the Easter Bunny……

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys will be closed Sunday, April 8th to enjoy time with our friends and families.

If you love Peeps, it’s that sugary marshmallowy season once again. Last year we posted our favorite Peeps dressed and undressed. This year’s Washington Post Diorama Contest 2012 had so many great entries. Our favorite was not the one that took first place place. Ours brought back memories of last April’s Royal Wedding.

Remember the Royal Wedding  at Peepminster Abbey? Even Victoria Peepum was there.

There was Peepa Middleton with her show stopping dress, and the long row of satin buttons.

Look over there…it’s Peepatrice and her sister sporting their royal  Peepinators.

“Just Peeped” to live happily ever after. But how did that sour faced little bridesmaid get into the picture?


You can still view at least 40 of the entries with titles like: Peeping Up With the Kardashians, iHeaven — Steve Jobs’ current project, Romney Family Road Trip, or Mount Peepmore.

It was a fair vote – fair and square for the Peeple’s Choice winner. Oh no, another Peep show.


Good Friday & Easter Sunday – What’s Open & What’s Closed? Here is a list with answers: Good Friday & Easter Sunday Closing Info

As  famous silhouette artist, Erik Johnson, performed his scissors magic, we all had a jolly good time at the Totally Kids Portrait Party. Here are a few party pictures from Saturday afternoon last. For all of you not able to attend, there will be a repeat performance again sometime this fall. Date to be announced.

These two adorable young ladies look pleased with their silhouette portraits.

Mr. Johnson is studying his subject. You would think that he his cutting a father daughter portrait, wouldn’t you?  It’s actually two year old Georgie getting her first silhouette portrait. Nora will no doubt be pleased when she returns from her holiday and receives framed silhouettes of her two precious little girls. Nice job Mac with your daddy and daughters time at Totally Kids!

This young lad is sitting so seriously still as his silhouette is cut. By the way it takes only five minutes or less of patience per child.

Thank you Erik Johnson for bringing your talent to Totally Kids and sharing it with all of our friends. We look forward to your return in the Fall. Be well!


How about putting some silhouette Easter Eggs in your basket ? Test your talent with instructions from Lepapier Studios.