What a day, the Kentucky Derby, Cinco De Mayo, and Supermoon Saturday (the biggest, brightest moon of the year) all rolled into one.

It might be worthwhile to postpone bedtime tonight.

On Saturday evening at 11:34 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth in 2012 which is a distance of 221,802 miles away from Earth. That’s about 15,300 miles closer than average Barely 50 minutes earlier, the moon will officially be full. When this occurs it is called a Supermoon, a new or full moon that happens to coincide with a close approach of the moon to the Earth.

This Supermoon will appear to be about 30% brighter and about 15% larger than a “normal” full Moon and will be the closest it has been to Earth in 17 years.  The scientific term for the phenomenon is “perigee moon.”

Space.com is encouraging people to share “super moon” stories and photos by contacting Managing Editor Tariq Malik: tmalik@space.com.

To learn more about Earth’s moon, see NASA’s kids page on the subject here.

Will this be a special night for Werewolves?

With Moon In My Room the moon will be close to you in your room every night. The moon is the perfect foray into astronomy. Its phases teach us about the forces of our universe, its features tell us about the origin of our planet, and it’s just plain cool to look at. Moon in My Room brings the beauty and wonder of this celestial body right into your child’s bedroom. This remote controlled, glow-in-the-dark “mini moon” is contoured and textured to feature an authentically detailed lunar moonscape. A built in light-sensor illuminates a room when it gets dark and shows 12 phases of the moon. The phases can be controlled manually or set to rotate on an automatic function to change every five second, so that kids can follow the moon in the sky with the moon in their room. In order to save on batteries, the light shuts off after an hour.

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