It’s National Chocolate Day 2012! How are you going to celebrate?

Chocolate chips were invented in 1933 by Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts just 23 miles south of Boston.

It was in her attempt to bake a Butter Drop Do cookie, a cookie that dates back to colonial times, she added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate bar to a cookie dough.

The recipe actually called for Baker’s chocolate which Ruth did not have. Thinking that the semi-sweet chocolate would melt into the dough making chocolate flavored dough, the cookies came out with chunks of chocolate nestled into golden delicious vanilla based dough. She served her chocolate chip mistake to her guests and they were a huge hit.

The history of chocolate chip cookies does not stop here.   Betty Crocker, who was just hitting the domestic celebrity scene in 1939 and had a national radio spot called “Famous Foods From Famous Eating Places.” She featured Ruth’s Chocolate Chip Cookie on her radio show which spring boarded Ruth and her cookie into the national public eye.

Word spread quickly of Ruth’s new and cookie and she became a local sensation. It was not long after that she was filling huge chocolate chip cookie orders. When her cookie recipe was printed in a Boston newspaper the chocolate chip cookie became an overnight sensation.

By 1939 Nestlé had invented chocolate morsels, the first chocolate chips and packaged them in a Yellow Label bag. Upon buying the Toll House name, printed Ruth Wakefield’s recipe for “The Famous Toll House Cookie” on the back of the package.

Have you ever wondered why chocolate chips not melt in the oven?”. The answer is that they do, in fact, melt. It is just that chocolate chips retain their shape when melted. If you break apart a hot chocolate chip cookie, you will see that the chocolate chip has melted.

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