You know the California Raisins, right? Now we would like to introduce their cousins, the Science Saturday Dancing Raisins. You can teach your raisins how to dance too.

Before we begin the dance lesson, let’s first have our Science Saturday lesson.

Raisins are denser than the liquid in the soda, so initially they sink to the bottom of the glass. The carbonated soft drink releases carbon dioxide bubbles. When these bubbles stick to the rough surface of a raisin, the raisin is lifted because of the increase in buoyancy. When the raisin reaches the surface, the bubbles pop, and the carbon dioxide gas escapes into the air. This causes the raisin to lose buoyancy and sink. This rising and sinking of the raisins continues until most of the carbon dioxide has escaped, and the soda goes flat. Furthermore, with time the raisin gets soggy and becomes too heavy to rise to the surface.

Carbonated beverages are prepared by putting the beverage into a can under high pressure of carbon dioxide gas. This high pressure causes the carbon dioxide gas to dissolve in the liquid. When you open a can of soda, the noise you hear is produced by the carbon dioxide gas as it rushes out of the can. When the can is opened, the decreased pressure allows some of the carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the liquid to escape. This is what makes the bubbles in a soft drink.

What You Need for Your Dance Lesson:

  • Clear, carbonated soda water
  • Clear drinking glass
  • 4-5 raisins


  1. Pour clear carbonated soda water into a clear glass.
  2. Drop four or five raisins into the glass.
  3. After about a minute, you will observe raisins moving up and down in the glass. Watch how the bubbles control the movements of the raisins.

Nicole and her adorable daughter from the Journey to Josie blog share their pictorial of this fun experiment.

The bubbles attach to the raisins and makes them float to the top.  When the bubbles pop, the raisins go back to the bottom.  They kept dancing for about 30 minutes. Josie loved it!

Thank you so much for sharing with us Nicole. Be sure to check out all of the other great ideas at the Journey to Josie blog.