Drop your line in for some splish splashing water play fun! It’s A Little Fishie alright!

Try this easy DIY from Minieco; a plastic fishing set to play with in water plus  another set to play with on dry land.

You will need:

♥ a stick for each player
♥ some thread (or string/wool)
♥ a magnet
♥ plastic (for the ‘wet’ version)
♥ paper (for the dry version)
♥ paperclips
♥ holepunch
♥ superglue

1. First of all you need to collect a good stick to use as a fishing pole.
2. Tie your string to one end of the pole.
3. At the other end of the pole you need to attach a bead which has a magnet glued to it. The bead is important as it adds some weight to the end of the string which is pretty important if you are playing in water.
4. You can use any kind of plastic to make fish for the ‘wet’ version of this game. We seem to collect no end of the stuff in our recycle bin! Once you have cut out some fish shapes, punch a hole in the ‘nose’ and attach a paperclip – easy!
5. For the dry version you simply have to cut out some fish. If you want a pdf template click here. (For best results set your printer to ‘photo’ quality). Again, punch a hole in the ‘nose’ and attach a paperclip.

Thank you Minieco for sharing another one of your fantastic ideas.

Because of all the small bits, this game is not really suitable for under 3′s
Please remember to fully supervise your kids around water at all times.