This week’s Recipe for Fun is a Flag Fruit Pizza. As always, it’s an easy peasy to prepare and the kiddos will have fun helping arranging the blueberries around the circumference. Shabby in Suburbia has a complete pictorial for this sure to be a hit Fourth of July crowd pleaser.

For even more fun with the family, try tossing this ball around and you end up with ice cream.

Have a Ball!
This great, award-winning ice cream maker provides lots of tasty fun. Here’s how it works: put rock salt and ice in one end, ice cream mix in the other, shake, pass, or roll the ball for about 20 minutes (please don’t throw or kick it!), and run for a spoon. Use the included recipes or create an all-new flavor. The go-anywhere Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker requires no electricity, is durable, lightweight, portable, easy to clean, and makes one pint of delicious, homemade ice cream. It’s ideal for camping, boating, picnics, parties, travel or anywhere! Made of durable polycarbonate, the ball is lightweight, portable and easy to use.