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Have a happy Father’s Day with Pancake Pops for Pops, this week’s Recipe for Fun. This one looks like a true win win for pancake lov’n Dad and the kids. Melissa from Number-2 Pencil blog, will show you in a colorful pictorial how to make these bite size pancakes from scratch using creamy Greek yogurt, cooked on a lollipop stick. We know these will be a favorite at our house, and not reserved just for Father’s Day breakfast.

Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your Pancake Pops recipe just in time for Father’s Day

Pick Your Nose Party Cups

You can’t pick your Dad, but you can Pick Your Nose (Cups) to give him for Father’s Day!

Who knows how to liven up a party? YOU do! It’s not a party unless you are pickin’ your nose.  When you tip your head back to take a drink, bingo, you get and instant nose job and chuckles from the crowd. Go ahead, get nosey!

You are braver than you believe sterling silver by NoWayOut

Schools out, now what do you do to keep your kids from falling into the frightening world of boredom?  Lisa, from Little Bird School of Stitchcraft can show you how to cast a spell on your kids (fingers) this summer. She has a super trick for keeping little hands entertained while learning an age old craft at the same time.
Thanks Lisa for sharing your Finger Knitting post with us.
Finger knitting is a really good way of getting children interested in wool crafts, and it is very easy to learn.  It also helps to improve a child’s dexterity and ability to concentrate.  No extra implements are required,  just fingers, the best tools in the world!  I often carry balls of yarn in my bag to pass the time in the doctors surgery or similar.
Finger knitting produces a long thin strip of stocking stitch and there are many things you can do with these strips.  In this tutorial, which is suitable for children, I will show you how to finger knit.  You can use any weight of yarn for finger knitting but for this tutorial I used chunky which produces a nice stocking stitch.
To cast on, begin with the palm of your hand facing you with the tail end of the yarn between your thumb and index finger.  Weave the yarn over your index finger and behind the middle finger then over the ring finger.  Wrap the yarn around your smallest finger and weave back to your index finger:
Weave the yarn around the index finger again and continue in the same manner but above the first rows of stitches returning to your index finger again:
Try to keep the stitches fairly loose otherwise it will be difficult for you to make the following moves.
The first row, begins with the little finger, lift the bottom row of wrapped yarn up and over the tip of your finger (see below).  Ensure that you keep the top row of wrapped yarn on your finger as you go.
Continue the process of lifting the bottom row of stitches over the top row of stitches along your hand until you get back to your index finger:
For all subsequent rows, weave the yarn around the fingers again ending with the index finger. It should look like the image below:
Beginning with the little finger, lift the bottom row of yarn over the tips of your fingers.  Continue weaving and lifting the yarn over the fingers.  As you continue the process you will see a long strip of stocking stitch appearing behind you hand:
To cast off, do not weave the work around your fingers instead, lift the stitch off the little finger and pass it across to your ring finger:
Then lift the bottom stitch over the top stitch on your ring finger.  Continue to pass the stitches across and over until you get to the index finger with one stitch remaining.
Cut the yarn, lift the stitch off the index finger and pass the end of your yarn through the stitch and pull to secure the end:

Finger knitting is very addictive and children love it for its simplicity and ease.  I have loads of strips of finger knitting laying around the house and there are lots of things that you can do with them.

For more crafty ideas, be sure to visit Lisa’s blog  Little Bird School of Stitchcraft.

Thanks again for sharing Lisa!

Even if you have not found the perfect gift for your Dad this Father’s Day, why not try a tie?

These ties are sure to make him smile.   Go ahead, knot one of these ties on his package. (once you find the gift – the clock is ticking)

Learn this gift wrap DIY at Poppy Talk blog featuring Erin, the founder and illustrator BerinMade, an Etsy paper goods shop based, out of London, UK specializing in stationery, fab paper things ideal for weddings and special occasions.

And your dad thought “knot another tie for Father’s Day!”

You’ve all heard the idiom “don’t take any wooden nickels”,  but we say “do take our wooden donuts“.

Happy National Donut Day 2012!

Celebrate  with Melissa and Doug Wooden Stackable Donuts. Making a doughnut selection has never been so much fun! The “yummiest” decision your little baker will have to make is which of the twelve delicious-looking, self-stick toppings to place on the six doughnuts in this wooden pretend food set. Young chefs will love changing the toppings on the wooden doughnuts to make Doughnut specials every day!

The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day, and that is every year. Now more importantly,  you can find out which doughnut chains around the country are offering FREE donuts all day long to acknowledge the hol-e-day.

Krispy Kreme, the possible creator of  National Doughnut Day (event page on Facebook), invites folks to visit  one of their participating stores  to get a free donut of any variety, and NO purchase is necessary.  LaMar’s Donuts,  is also offering one freebie per customer, no strings attached.

Shipley Do-Nuts is another chain having the free in their deal. They are affectionately described as located in “the do-nut belt”: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee.

The Dunkin’ Donuts deal is not totally free, but just purchase a beverage — and they’ll give you a free doughnut.

If your donut craving hinges on FREE, we suggest calling the store first to be certain it is participating.

Help! Spelling police if you are watching, is it donut or doughnut, please let us know. There is something about cops and donuts, right?

Happy National Donut or Doughnut Day!