It’s Market Week in Las Vegas and we’re on a mission to find the latest and greatest in cool for kids and their families.

The market does not open until tomorrow, but let’s get off to a good clean head start.

Join us as we enter the hole to another universe!

Since many of the showrooms are not open on Sunday we will do some window shopping.

Tomorrow we search for new seating, but WOW look at these chairs.

Blue jeans take on a new life with this up-cycled blue jeans sofa.

Piles of pillows. Annie is spotting the Chevron (zig zag trend).

Not your Mama’s sofa.

A new hangout for Higgins our Shop Dog.

Would you store dog biscuits or 3 rolls of TP in this metal fire hydrant?

We met Purple Spot an Italian dog, a new age friend for Higgins. Spot is available in other color choices, and is intended for climbing or sitting on by kids.

We ordered pile of fabulous pillows. There were QR codes everywhere. Do you know any folks actually reading them?

An iconic egg chair; both kid size and adult soon to be added to our retro section.