Yesterday this happy fire engine bunk bed caught our attention. Today it was the real deal.

From our hotel window this morning we witnessed scores of  Las Vegas Fire Department fire engines in action. After hearing 10 minutes of non stop sirens, we realized it must be more than a Vegas stunt. Then we saw the  black smoke billowing from the top of the Treasure Island Hotel and more red and yellow fire engines than we could count surrounding the hotel.

The unsettling sound of sirens continued for over 30 minutes as more and more trucks arrived. Later we learned  41 fire vehicles responded to a fire caused by a roof top swamp cooler and that luckily there were no serious injuries.

A fire hydrant and fire engine find both in the same day.

The wooden fire truck bunk bed pictured above is complete with a steering wheel, tires and ladder, but thankfully NO siren.

Our favorite doll house bed is available once again and should be back in the Totally Kids fun furniture & toys showroom in a few weeks.