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Once in a Blue Moon – that’s tomorrow night.

We refer to the second full moon in a calendar month as a “blue moon.”  Technically a blue moon occurs when there is a fourth full moon in a season.  Modern folklore now makes it acceptable to call the second full moon in a month a “blue moon.”

The full moon occurs once every 29.5 days. This essentially means that there is one full moon every month. However, as we know, every month but February has at least 30 days in it, which presents the potential for two full moons in a month.

August 2012 – is one of these unique months, which will have two full moons. There was a full moon  August 2nd, and there will be another  another full moon tomorrow night, August 31st.

Moon in My Room, pictured above,  is a classic tool for teaching the moon phases. It is authentically detailed,  hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon. Twelve different phase settings let you match what the real moon looks like outside tonight!

Once in a Blue Moon try surprising your family with homemade Moon Pies. Tidy Mom has a beautiful pictorial and her chocolatey delicious recipe, hop on over and learn how to create them. For any of you not willing or able to whip up homemade Moon Pies, the boxed variety may be the way to go.

Over the years many an egg salad sandwich has been found  in our school lunch boxes.  Now this cute Eggheads  project will make use of a few left-over eggshells; re-purposing of  both the eggshells and egg cartons – yay! Nurture Store inspired us and in just a few days there is the bonus of cress that can be added to your next batch of egg salad.

Thank you Nurture Store for this great idea! For detailed instructions, pop on over to their website.

We all know that pencils are an essential for back to school and have them on our lists. Why not add  this cheesey pencil idea from Moneywise Moms to your list too? Hop on over and learn how to make these funky fun pencils.

Liz has done it again making back to school pencils a little sweeter. Try her Recipe for Fun. Here is all that you need, but for a beautiful how to pictorial hop over to Hoosier Homemade.

Back to School Candy Pencil Supplies

  • Rolo Candy
  • Hershey Chocolate Kisses
  • Yellow scrapbook paper
  • Pink scrapbook paper
  • Paper cutter {optional, but it’s really handy}
  • Black and Blue Marker
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Adhesive – we used tape, Elmer’s Extreme Glue Stick, Tape Runner
  • Scissors
  • Tags – string, paper and erasers

If any of you have great back to school surprise recipes, send them on over.

Bean Bags need not match the couch either!

Join us September 28th.

Third generation acclaimed silhouette artist Erik Johnson returns to perform his scissors magic at Totally Kids. Using just a tiny pair of scissors, and 5 minutes of time, Mr. Johnson is able to create an original likeness of your little one’s adorable profile. Spaces are filling up quickly so call 952-881-2425 soon to reserve your time. Reservations are recommended and walk-ins will be accommodated as time allows.

One of Kind Silhouettes are $25.00, and duplicates of the same person are $15.00. Framing is also available.

Totally Kids will donate 10% of sales on September 28th to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is a medical charity that heals children’s smiles by volunteer medical staff performing cleft lip operations to children and families who cannot afford procedures. Operation Smile has been helping over 200,000 children and adults since 1982 with cleft lips and other facial deformities. Totally Kids is proud to sponsor this charity and we hope to see you there!

Remember: Save the Date and Don’t Be Late . . .

Two cuties from Mr. Johnson’s last visit.

Famous silhoutte artist Erik Johnson performing his magic at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.

Our back to school assignment: find a collection  that’s ahead of the curve!

The Locker Loft.

Study and ZZZ’s Loft.  A sit sack that will go wherever you go.

Lockers for colorful storage.

Start the new school year off right with a crisp bright white.

What’s the angle? Don’t forget your protractor for this bunk. Look at that ladder, and then check out the corner desk tucked under the top bed.

Searching high and low,  in and out at the Las Vegas World Market Center, look what we found for little princesses.

Pink accents on this Girly Girl version of our Secret Clubhouse bed. It was love at first site for us. What do you think?

Bling! Bling !Bling!

You know you’re a princess.

Always a princess.

This chair even says princess right on the back.

Regal purple indeed.

Check back there will be more.