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An important message from Higgins the Totally Kids fun furniture & toys shop dog.

Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

1. Avoid chocolate and other candy.  Make sure to keep any candy that you are going to hand out safely hidden from your dog. Notify kids in the house to put their candy bags away. Chocolate is a big no-no for dogs as it contains theobromine, which their bodies cannot properly digest. The darker the chocolate, the worse it can be. Small amounts are typically not lethal, so if he does snag a bite don’t freak out. But also don’t let it happen.

Candy wrappers, tinfoil, and other dangers can be found in candy bags, so keep your dog safe by putting these away.

2. Put your dog in a safe place, either a separate room or his crate, when the trick-or-treaters are coming by. You should not let him be at the door to greet the kids. Costumes, commotion, and loud noises will stress him out and can cause problems ranging from stress to aggression.

3. Don’t leave your dog around kids without supervision. The erratic movements and loud, startling noises can really upset him. Add in a scary costume and you have a formula for disaster.

4. Be careful about placement of electrical cords for decorations. If your puppy or dog chews on these, trouble will follow. Arrange them for safety and use a bitter apple spray on the cord to keep pets at bay.

5. Don’t leave candles unattended. Carved pumpkins look great with a candle burning inside them, but they can be tipped over. They can also be investigated by curious pets which can lead to burns or worse.

6. Make sure that your dog’s costume is the right fit. Don’t put him in a costume that is too small or tight. Also check for loose ends that could be chewed on and swallowed or cause other problems. If your dog hates having the costume on be a friend to him and take the costume off.

7. Watch out when the door is open. If your dog is not secured in another room or in his crate then he might bolt out the door. With all the activity outside it may be even harder to get him back in.

8. Walk your dog before the festivities begin – all those costumes can be scary.

9. If the noise is bothering him, try adding background sounds (radio, TV) to distract him from the neighborhood hubbub.

10. Be careful when out walking your dog after Halloween – loose candy can be found and he may grab a big piece if he sees it before you do.

11. Think twice about taking him out with your family to trick or treat. There’s a lot of costumes and commotion which can put any dog on edge. He might be happier at home.

12. Tell kids the dangers of the treats and to not feed the dog any.

13. Be firm. Don’t let anybody who wants to greet your dog just to be polite. Be willing to say “no thanks” if your dog is feeling anxious or if the other person (perhaps an excited, sugar filled child) is approaching inappropriately.

14. If you take your dog with you, do not take him up to a stranger’s door – the resident dog may not take kindly to that and it could end up being a bummer. Someone should wait at the end of the driveway with the dog.

15. Do not leave your dog outside. There are plenty of rumors that dogs are taunted and teased, that gates are opened, and that candy is tossed in yards. It’s unlikely that lots of kids are running around causing harm to dogs on Halloween night, but the commotion is enough to unnerve your dog and it is conceivable that a youngster might toss a treat toward your dog with the best of intentions but bad results.

It may seem like a lot, but the truth is that Halloween is a fun time for parents and kids and can easily be fun for dogs too. Many dogs enjoy being the center of attention and will tolerate wearing a costume (which we get a huge kick out of!) to do so. Keep an eye out for the dangers of candy, keep your dog secure in your house, and be ready to ward off over excited kids and all will be well. Happy Halloween.


Halloween treats to make your pooch howl! Pop over to She Knows cause she really does know how to make these Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Dog Treats and will show you how to too.


Halloween Treats For People

Pupcakes recipe from Gourmet Mom On the Go.








Join Totally Kids fun furniture & toys for a day of Family Fun on Saturday, November 10th as we celebrate National Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

We are proud to be your Neighborhood Toy Store and we’re throwing a party to celebrate! Please join us!

Fun for the Whole Family

Bring the kids…and the grandparents and tell your friends to meet you here.  This is an event you will not want to miss!

There will be so much to do, from trying out our favorite toys and games, to winning contests and featuring face painting by Erin!

Refreshments and snacks will be served.

Play fun games and win prizes. Each child who donates a new or gently used toy for families economically challenged by the

affects of Autism will receive 25% OFF their favorite toy or game.

Register to win an Eco-friendly car, a Melrose Doll House, gift cards and a $500.00 SHOPPING SPREE!

All children will go home with a FREE toy.

Our experienced staff is looking forward to showing you the hottest toys for this holiday season.

Remember, as always there is FREE gift wrapping on toys.


Our thanks to Amber’s mother, sister and cutie pie son for their surprise visit and setting up the trains on the train table!


Desirae, our marketing coordinator, was having a playtime moment with her Puppet on Stick friends. Watch our Facebook page, they will be given away sometime next week.

Ghost Suckers!

Head over to 18 twenty five and  learn the ghost sucker secret Recipe for Fun.

Boo! Don’t let these pretzel stick ghosts frighten you, they’re really not that difficult to make. Kitchen Daily shares the tricks for this great cook together with the kiddos.

We think Brownie S’mores look frightfully good, don’t you? Home is Where the Boat Is shares this and other Halloween ideas sure to please your “Peeps”.

If we haven’t scared you yet, this might!

There’s NO debate here, you’ll find popping fun for all – just in time for the election!
They are ideal for firing at your know-it-all brother-in-law whose political views
are at best idiotic. Now you can show him how you really feel without physically
inflicting the pain and suffering he probably deserves.
Shoot balls at your rivals.
Keep your political popper out of sight until the right moment presents itself –
and you know it will. The harder you squeeze, the further the Democratic Donkey
or the Republican Elephant will shoot the foam ball all the way up to 20 feet.
Cast your vote and pop away – you can have some political power (poppers) in your own hands.

Super Healthy Kids knows how to stick it to you in a politically, yet patriotic fashion.

Celebrate Halloween EEK-O-Nomically

Join us Saturday, October 13th

from 1P.M. – 3P.M.

Hop on your brooms and fly in for

fun games, prizes, hot cider and treats.

Register to win a eco-friendly car!

All children 8 years old and younger dressed in a costume

will receive a FREE prize!

Bring in a child size Halloween costume to swap

and take home a “new to you” one.

Start bringing in your costumes now and receive

10% OFF*

your purchase.

Any left over costumes will be donated to St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

Bonus: now through October 31st

all Melissa & Doug Toys are 20% OFF*.
*Not valid on prior purchases, with gift cards or other offers.

According to the nonprofit Green Halloween®, families, swapping the costumes of only half of the children who celebrate Halloween would reduce the nation’s annual landfill waste by 6,250 tons, equivalent to the weight of 2,500 mid-size cars.
Here’s how the Costume Swap works:
Drop off your swap-able costumes now.
In exchange for each complete, clean, gently-worn costume, donors will receive 10% OFF their purchase that day.

A Little Corny but it is the season.

Trick or Treat? Candy Corn Cheesecake Pie will be a treat, but a bit of a trick to make. You will learn the trick if you pop over to Wilton.

Candy Corn on a Stick is this week’s Recipe for Fun.  Glorious Treats has the instructions in a beautiful pictorial.

Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies are an old favorite from Land O Lakes.

Try disguising a few pretzel rods as candy corn.

Today a truckload of dorm chairs arrived in oh so many colors. A few of us grabbed our favorites and tried them out.  Take a look at the other fun colors: Chili Pepper Red, Zebra, Purple, Pinki-ini, Lime-anade, Patriot Blue, Monumental Grey, Tangerine Tango and Stretch Limo Black.

Now we invite you too to stop in and please be seated in your choice Dorm Chair.

We missed a few team Totally members this week all struck with  with various nasty bugs.

Our Haba Doctor Kit is a classic favorite for junior doctors.

Last week I, Michelle a Marketing Coordinator here at Totally Kids, took home a Spot-It! card game. I thought that the game was really fun and an excellent family game, sleepover game and a great TV substitute. Depending on who is playing the game, it can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want.

How it’s Played:

Each player starts out with one Spot-It! Card and the rest of the stack in the center of the playing space.  The idea behind playing the game is to match an item from your card to an item that is on the center stack of cards. Once you match an item, you call the item out loud and take the center card and place it on top of your current card. The card you took, then, becomes your new card. The object of the game is to obtain the most amount of cards once the center stack has run out.

I love the game because it is always a challenge for all ages. It is very difficult to adjust your brain to train your eye to look for a certain shape or size because between all the cards, the shapes and sizes of the items continue to shift. With the circle-shaped cards, there is no rest or expectation for your eye and memory.

By the time we got to the third and fourth round, we had developed quick reflexes and a strong competitive edge. If you really like card games that involve speed and challenge your brain, this game is perfect for you, your family and friends. It is a game to entertain kids and adults, none of which will get bored playing.


Judging from the above photo, looks like Amber, our customer care manager and Michelle were all about fun and games at work today. Stop in any day and challenge them to a game of spot it! Watch out though, they have been practicing.