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Have an adult do the the carving honors and surprise, surprise look what you’ll find inside! The corn cobs hold a surprise inside too.  Instructions for crafting this fascinating turkey can be found here.

Growing up we always found ourselves seated at the kids table. This tradition was undoubtedly for the preservation of fine china, crystal and family heirlooms. If you will be seating little ones at a kids table, give them one they will be thankful for.

Country Living  uses a roll of craft paper and some crayons or markers for their special table.  Not only will kiddos think that they have the best seat in the house, but this budget friendly cover, provides doodling entertainment before, during, and after the Thanksgiving dinner while waiting for pumpkin pie.

The Idea Room always has the best ideas. How about serving up hand print turkey plates that can easily be decorated with edibles, pasta and seeds.

Life at the kids’ table begins here.

You’ll find a great selection of  at child size table and chairs at Totally Kids fun furniture.

The sound of wedding bells is ringing even louder now at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. If you are hoping for a wedding in your future; working at Totally Kids may improve your chances.

It was just a few months ago that Amber, our astute customer care manager, was a beautiful summer bride. Above her desk now hangs a wedding picture of a radiant bride. This may have started something I dare say.

Yesterday, Holly, one of our talented interior designers, announced that she is getting married in the fall.

Michelle, our creative marketing coordinator, has been wearing her gorgeous engagement ring only a couple of weeks.

The love bug also bit our brilliant office manager, Shauna. We were all so happy for her when she surprised us with a sparkly diamond engagement ring on her finger, and not too long after Amber’s wedding.

“Best wishes” to all of our brides to be!

A group wedding shower is in order “I do, I do” say.

You can have your wedding cake and (pretend) eat it too!

Worse than a lump coal in your stocking! This macabre new age torture chamber could start a revolution in many homes. Imagine requiring all family members to lock up their cell phones before sitting down to dinner. Without fling fingers, texts beeping, and eyes locked firmly on a phone screen, kids could learn to talk with their parents.

The Cell Lock-Up has enough capacity to hold a gang of six cellphones, and comes complete with bunk beds and stands for supporting imprisoned devices. At the push of a button they can be locked down in 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute sentences, complete with a judge’s voice announcing the verdict and slamming cell door sound effects.

If someone tries to break a device out the toy slammer, an alarm sounds and a recorded voice barks “Alert! Alert! Break-out in progress.”

Lock up those phones, because disturbing the peace is a crime, especially at dinner.

“Hands down” this is the most fun Turkey Handprint Cookie you’ll ever bake.  Best of all it’s an easy peasey for even the littlest kiddos. Family Corner has the recipe for fun, pop on over.

Another cook together and a no bake, is this cute Rice Krispie Turkey. It calls for just a few ingredients and little hands to roll the balls and decorate. Thanks Give Me Some Oven, we’ve got all of the ingredients and this is on tomorrow’s to do list!

Now…gobble – gobble.

If you are in the market for a colorful new kitchen for holiday cooking, take a look here, you’re bound to find the kitchen of your dreams.

Holiday travel is right around the corner. Just in case you’re traveling with small children, look what we have for you! The foot powered Skootcase looking much like the iconic Italian scooter wouldn’t you say? Available in pink or blue and ride ready for airports or a spin around Grandma’s house. There is plenty of room inside to store your child’s favorite things.
Plus, it features a sturdy tow strap that makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder when your child gets tired. It is approved for carry-on luggage plus boasts a full steering column and can hold up to 110 pounds.

Check out these tips for traveling with kids and beating backseat boredom. The love story video is sure to put a smile on your face.



Yesteryear’s pint size suitcase has been up-cycled to a hanging vanity.

If you’re too young to remember Mom and the bangs thing, we all colored the Thanksgiving turkey, right?

Good examples of why women should not have the right to vote:

The 19th Amendment is only 92 years old. Look at the fear base that was overcome.


Please know how important each vote is tomorrow, and women, never forget those before us who championed for our “right” to vote.

Thank you to the women suffragists who fought so hard suffering bodily harm, jail-time, complete alienation from society…..and some even lost their families in the process.