The sound of wedding bells is ringing even louder now at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. If you are hoping for a wedding in your future; working at Totally Kids may improve your chances.

It was just a few months ago that Amber, our astute customer care manager, was a beautiful summer bride. Above her desk now hangs a wedding picture of a radiant bride. This may have started something I dare say.

Yesterday, Holly, one of our talented interior designers, announced that she is getting married in the fall.

Michelle, our creative marketing coordinator, has been wearing her gorgeous engagement ring only a couple of weeks.

The love bug also bit our brilliant office manager, Shauna. We were all so happy for her when she surprised us with a sparkly diamond engagement ring on her finger, and not too long after Amber’s wedding.

“Best wishes” to all of our brides to be!

A group wedding shower is in order “I do, I do” say.

You can have your wedding cake and (pretend) eat it too!