Have an adult do the the carving honors and surprise, surprise look what you’ll find inside! The corn cobs hold a surprise inside too.  Instructions for crafting this fascinating turkey can be found here.

Growing up we always found ourselves seated at the kids table. This tradition was undoubtedly for the preservation of fine china, crystal and family heirlooms. If you will be seating little ones at a kids table, give them one they will be thankful for.

Country Living  uses a roll of craft paper and some crayons or markers for their special table.  Not only will kiddos think that they have the best seat in the house, but this budget friendly cover, provides doodling entertainment before, during, and after the Thanksgiving dinner while waiting for pumpkin pie.

The Idea Room always has the best ideas. How about serving up hand print turkey plates that can easily be decorated with edibles, pasta and seeds.

Life at the kids’ table begins here.

You’ll find a great selection of  at child size table and chairs at Totally Kids fun furniture.